Psychological testing of production staff

We are proud of the unique technology of blue-collar employees’ testing which is usually included in the package of solutions offered under the staff search and selections service but can also be applied separately.

This technology was developed by ARTISAN psychologists and business consultants and is based on European and Russian best practices in assessing and testing of production workers.

We use the following methods:

  • Technical test – technical manual task – assembling a meccano (special constructor for adults) following special instructions and rules in the presence of psychologists and technical specialists.
  • Psychological test – psychomotor manual task – special constructor (puzzle) for adults, assembled under supervision of a professional psychologist.

These methods are developed for assessing Russian workers and do not require specific computer skills or knowledge of foreign languages. All meccanoes and constructors are unique and give equal opportunities to candidates from various industries without giving advantage to any particular industry.