Complex Personnel Evaluation

Assessment of personnel is internationally acknowledged as one of the essential elements of human capital management. Recently it has gained its popularity in Russia as well.

Organizations use different methods of employees’ appraisal to perform different HR functions:

  • Selection. A properly developed performance appraisal tool is very useful when making decisions about applicants for it allows identify potential employees' strengths and weaknesses and hire the best people for the job.
  • Placement. Organizations also want to be able to assign people to the appropriate job level. Personnel Assessment may provide information that helps to achieve the best fit between employees and jobs.
  • Training and development. Information gained from performance appraisal of employees can be used to design or modify training programs.
  • Promotion. Performance appraisal might help to identify employees who possess managerial potential or higher level capabilities, so that these employees can be promoted to assume greater duties and responsibilities.

Complex personnel evaluation allows you to comprehensively assess companys staff, using a wide range of tools.

ARTISAN consultants have specialized in selection and performance appraisal of mid- to senior-level managers for many years. We help HR managers to conduct comprehensive evaluation activities more effectively and efficiently using a wide variety of tools. This appraisal may either cover the entire staff of the company or analyze performance of the bulk of key employees.

The methodology of appraisal is always determined individually for each customer: ARTISAN consultants analyze each request in detail, conduct interviews with several managers of the customer, coordinate each step of the project with HR department of the customer.

For our customers convenience, we implemented an on-line assessment tool on our site module. This tool is used for online testing and 360 degree feedback. This service greatly simplifies the process of assessment, it helps to avoid errors in data processing and provides access to the coded results of appraisal at any time and from any location. The data are protected against unauthorized access by password system.

We are aware of the importance of the possible consequences of assessment activities for the whole company in general and each employee in particular. Therefore, the first commandment for us in such projects is: “Do no harm!”, the second: Do good! We are proud that all customers who have purchased our services in performance appraisal in Russia contacted us again.