Our surveys will let you understand employee attitude towards company and management, see if compensation and benefits system works effectively, diagnose corporate culture and see whether it corresponds with the company’s strategic goals. Results of our surveys will help to increase the level of work satisfaction, establish a new and better approach to inter-departmental communication and information exchange between employees and management, create an array of activities to improve personnel relations inside the company.

We do the following surveys:

  1. Employee satisfaction with motivation system.
  2. Employee attitude towards company and management.
  3. Comprehensive research of employee satisfaction.
  4. Corporate culture.

How we do it:

  1. Explore the problem, identify goals and objectives, develop concept and focus of research.
  2. Identify the participants of the research and methods applied.
  3. Develop and try out a questionnaire.
  4. Carry out research.
  5. Analyze data and results.
  6. Create a report including the analysis of the current situation and recommendations for the future.