Assessment Centre

Assessment center is a comprehensive evaluation activity which allows obtain reliable information on the professional level and potential of employees. The aim of such method is to uncover which applicants/employees have the most suitable personal attributes, problem solving skills and general aptitude, and which candidates/employees would fit best and excel within the company's structure and culture.

Assessment centers are widely used in America and Europe but they have gained population in Russia and have been applied in leading Russian companies since 1990s. During appraisal sessions participants do various tests and exercises, designed to simulate business environment, under supervision of trained observers who evaluate each participant's performance according to certain competences.

ARTISAN consultants develop assessment center's program individually for each Client. We offer different programs that can assess:

  • potential candidates;
  • employees during evaluation of personnel performance
  • executives.

Advantages of this method:

  • it allows to avoid many mistakes in the process of staff selection and select employees most suitable for this work;
  • it allows not to miss candidates with high potential, for tests and exercises performed are not "tied" to the traditional criteria of academic qualifications, but are specifically designed to simulate an employer's business environment;
  • research has validated assessment centers as one of the best methods for predicting successful on-the-job performance as they generate objective, observable data on potential employees (70%-90% of validity). This figure is quite high as compared with the validity of other methods (for example, common interview - 25%, competence-based interview - 50%);
  • it allows to identify applicants suitable for other\future positions and form so-called talent pool.

How we do it:

  1. Discuss with the Client aims, time-line, scale of evaluation
  2. Analyze job description and candidate profile and draw competency model, identify evaluation criteria.
  3. Determine the methodology for assessment center.
  4. Prepare tests, exercises and assignments for participants.
  5. We train company representatives in skills necessary to act as observers (upon request).
  6. Conduct assessment center.
  7. Analyze the results of each potential employee performance
  8. Prepare a detailed report on each participant which contains:
    • comprehensive analysis of participant's strengths and weaknesses based on his/her performance
    • recommendations for further development;
    • recommendations on giving feedback to the participant.
  9. We gather feedback.
  10. We give recommendations for further implementation and fine-tuning of assessment centers.