Assessment of production staff

We are proud of the unique technology of workers or blue-collar employees’ assessment which is usually included in the package of solutions offered under the staff search and selections service but can also be applied separately.

This technology was developed by ARTISAN psychologists and business consultants and is based on European and Russian best practices in assessing and testing of production staff.

We use the following methods:

  • Psychological testing
  • Assessment-center for workers

Assessment center for blue-collars includes 2 major tests based on assembling a meccano (constructor or model for adults specifically designed by ARTISAN) following special instructions and rules:

Technical test or technical manual task

Our technical test does not require answers to questions. The task is to assemble a special constructor in the presence of a professional observer.

o This constructor is developed by ARTISAN and is completely unique. It does not imitate or copy any existing technical unit and thus does not give advantage to candidates from any particular industry.

o This task shows whether a potential candidate is able to follow instructions and assessing of this particular skill is an important part of workers testing all around the world.

o Technical test shows general level of technical literacy of an assessed worker, for it evaluates ability to quickly find, compare and assemble main units of meccano, spatial reasoning and ability to imagine the necessary geometry of the figure, and finally, ability to evaluate the result of ones actions comparing it to the drawing and proposed 3 dimensional model. These skills are very often tested at the largest enterprises in various industries, for instance, in automotive.

o This test also demonstrates motility of the workers hands, ability to quickly and efficiently perform basic technical movements necessary in the most types of manual labor.

Why is technical test important?

It shows whether a worker is capable of performing required technical operations and can follow instructions and rules. This test helps to evaluate ability to follow instructions and rules, spatial reasoning and general technical literacy.

Psychomotor test or psychomotor manual task

We do not trust computer-based testing when assessing production staff for 2 reasons: firstly, not all Russian workers are able to deftly handle computer keyboard and mouse and this can affect the result of computer-based psychomotor test. And secondly, speed and technical characteristics of computer equipment used for testing may also influence the results.

We use our proven and time-tested manual assembling task. The task is the same - to assemble a meccano, but here a professional “technical” observer works together with an experienced psychologist, who does not observe correctness and result of assembling (that is technical observers job), but monitors the way an assessed worker performs the task, specifically paying attention to hands motility. Task performing includes tapping test. Psychologist evaluates:

o Willingness to perform and passion for result (for instance, whether an assessed candidate gave up after the first failure or continued assembling, trying different variants)

o Honesty (for example, whether an assessed candidate followed all the rules or cheated)

o Different psychomotor reactions: dynamic muscular efficiency, speed and stability of psychomotor processes, strength and liability of the nervous system, fine coordination of wrist movement, static and dynamic tremor.

Why is psychomotor test necessary?

Psychomotor reactions can raise valid hypotheses about the most important qualities of blue-collars, such as:

  • Productivity and efficiency;
  • Reaction rate;
  • Ability to perform multiple operations and track many different parameters at the same time
  • Stress resistance
  • Stamina, susceptibility to fatigue
  • Operational reliability, appropriate response/reaction in emerging situations
  • Ability to quickly switch from one operation to another
  • Confidence/self-doubt, level of anxiety
  • IQ (speed of perception and information processing)
  • Psychological and psychic health

It is worth noting, that tapping test and general observation of hand motor function allow us to make an assumption about the presence/absence of various systematic diseases and alcohol dependence.

All the proposed methods are developed for assessing Russian production staff and do not require specific computer skills or knowledge of foreign languages. All constructors are unique and give equal opportunities to candidates from various industries without giving advantage to any particular industry.

The right to use and disseminate these methods belongs to ARTISAN and is protected by law.