Computer based personal psychological testing

Personal (psychological) questionnaires or tests can determine individual's propensity to a particular activity, to predict behavioral responses typical of the individual, the way they perceive the world and interact with other people.

This tool has undergone a lot of ups and downs in its lifetime. Personal questionnaires were very frequently used when hiring new employees and very often the final decision on whether to hire a person was made on the bases of tests’ results only. However, this method provided only an approximate evaluation of candidates skills and soon general enthusiasm for psychological tests gave way to a complete neglect of this technology.

Nowadays this tool is coming back and becoming more popular among major companies in Russia, but it is applied differently – not as a basis for making drastic HR decisions, but as an additional and useful tool to manage personnel taking into consideration their natural potential. This tool helps to assess some professional skills and abilities, such as decision-making, leadership, communicative skills, motivation, general level of emotional intelligence and many more. This method is even more important for top management: the higher the position and level of responsibility, the more crucial the role of personality and emotional intelligence against “technical” knowledge and skills.

Once again we would like to note that although personal questionnaires can add up to the final impression of a person, it is not wise to be guided by them alone when taking staff decisions. Personal questionnaires propose a hypothesis about the individual's propensity rather that their specific actions in certain situations. For instance, a well-trained manager can demonstrate the most effective behavior relying on their experience and knowledge, rather than something to which they were originally inclined by nature. That is why we recommend to use several assessment tools (like assessment center , competency-based interview , 360 degrees feedback) together with testing, when assessing personnel.

We offer a wide range of tests, from well-known questionnaires such as MMPI, to the latest developments of Russian psychologists at Moscow State University.

For our customers convenience, we implemented an on-line assessment tool on our site module. This tool is used for online testing and 360 degree feedback. This service greatly simplifies the process of testing, it helps to avoid errors in data processing and provides access to the coded results of tests at any time and from any location. The data are protected against unauthorized access by password system.

We are proud that all customers who have purchased our on-line psychological testing services in Russia contacted us again.