360 degrees Feedback

360 degrees feedback is recognized internationally and is becoming more and more popular in Russia. It is the most comprehensive method. It includes self-ratings, peer review and upward assessments; feedback is sought from everyone: colleagues, management, subordinates and in some cases business clients. This method helps by bringing out every aspect of an employee's life, their strengths and weaknesses, helps to develop professional/management skills to improve efficiency. It also gives subjective but very important information about compatibility of staff in the team, team working skills, motivation and loyalty to the employer. Finally, 360 degrees feedback provides people with a good all-round prospective.

How we do it:

  1. draw competency models;
  2. questionnaires: self-evaluation form, assessment forms for management, colleagues, subordinates and business partners;
  3. develop and conduct training activities prior to the procedure;
  4. select employees for questioning among subordinates, peers and managers of the assessed employee (it is done by Client's HR department representatives);
  5. we poll selected employees;
  6. analyze filled questionnaires and prepare final report;
  7. we help design the optimal development plan as a follow-up for the results of 360 degrees feedback

For our customers’ convenience, we implemented an on-line assessment tool on our site module. This tool is used for online testing and 360 degree feedback. This service greatly simplifies the process of collecting feedback, it helps to avoid errors in data processing and provides access to the coded results of the feedback at any time and from any location. The data are protected against unauthorized access by password system.

We are proud that all customers who have purchased our on-line 360 degrees services in Russia contacted us again.