Developing and implementing programs for staff selection

The need for this service arises when a company has a scheduled recruitment plan for typical positions or plans to recruit a large number of staff at the same time, for example, when a company plans to open a new plant or factory and faces the necessity of hiring a great number of workers. In that case we develop a turnkey recruitment program specifically tailored to our Client’s needs.

How we do it:

1. Developing recruitment program:

  • Identifying the level and amount of positions and deadlines;
  • Identifying ways of attracting a large number of potential employees;
  • Developing or optimizing existing recruitment system in the company.

2. Program realization. ARTISAN takes responsibility for:

  • Organization and implementation of advertising campaigns;
  • Candidates search and selection, applicants prescreening, assessment of candidates personal characteristics (if needed), organization of interviews with the Clients decision-makers.

3. Follow up:

  • Taking the gained experience into account and adapting the program accordingly, thus eventually raising its effectiveness;
  • Consulting on further implementation of the staff search program in our Clients company.

As we mentioned before, the need of this service frequently arises, when a company opens a new factory or plant.

Under the staff search service we offer a package of solutions specifically designed for hiring a large number of workers or blue collars in Russia.

The recruitment process will include:

  • Comprehensive advertising campaign;
  • Detailed pre-screening of potential employees;
  • Structured personal interview with elements of psychological assessment center aiming at identification and diagnosis of the competencies, crucial to the Client . Here we offer a unique technology – manual task (assembling a meccano following special instructions and rules), which was specifically designed by ARTISAN for assessment of workers. Manual assembling task lets us make valid hypotheses about working capability, endurance, intelligence and determine symptoms of several systematic diseases;
  • Elaboration of reports;
  • Coordination of meeting with the Client;
  • Assistance in medical check organization;
  • Advising on the hiring process in Russia;
  • Follow up.

To learn more about ARTISAN program of workers selection please contact us at +7 (495) 651-66-43 and our consultants will be happy to assist you.