Outplacement program is designed to help people who have to leave a company move to the next stage of their career. Companies often provide outplacement to help people through individual or large scale job redundancy, or significant corporate change.

ARTISAN consultants, having extensive hands-on experience consult about labour market situation, help displaced employees to focus on the options available to them and provide training in the skills required to land into new employment.

Outplacement support can be delivered in a number of stages. Typically, the program includes:

  1. Lections – labour market review and effective approach to job search. The focus is on market situation in particular industries, trend in salaries, current labour market demand, successful job search strategies, self-assessment, creating a resume and cover letter, preparing an effective self-presentation.
  2. Trainings in different kinds of interview, negotiation skills, role-plays.
  3. Individual coaching may include: assessment of employee’s professional experience, psychological testing, preparing a marketing plan for job search, sending CVs to leading Recruitment Agencies and targeted companies.
  4. Individual and professional support during job search.

Consultations are conducted by ARTISAN consultants and invited HR managers who understand the present labour market situation and recent trends in technology of job searching. Testing and trainings are carried out by certified specialists.