Developing and implementing programs for graduate recruitment

This service is designed for those companies that are planning to optimize their headcount by attracting young and promising talents or have need in constant enrollment of graduates. We design a complex solution which will let your company preserve a good employer image among young as well as experienced staff.

Our advantages:

  • Graduate market expertise;
  • Established contacts with Top Educational Institutions;
  • Efficient search technologies proved by ARTISAN practice;
  • Experience in organizing special events.

How we do it:

1. Developing of Graduate Recruitment Program:

  • Identifying candidate’s profile, formalizing requirements to candidates, vacancies’ quantity and project delivery time;
  • Identifying ways of attracting young specialists;
  • Creating or optimizing existing graduate recruitment system in the company.

2. Program realization. ARTISAN takes responsibility for:

  • Advertizing job vacancies in mass-media and Internet, collaborating with universities, participating in job fairs and career days;
  • Candidate search, applicants prescreening, organization of interviews with Client’s decision makers.

The project can be realized in ARTISAN office or at the Client’s location.

4. Follow up:

  • Taking the gained experience into account and adapting the program accordingly, thus eventually raising its effectiveness;
  • Consulting on further implementation of the program in the company.