Labour market and salary survey

Successful companies are interested in attracting and retaining successful and efficient employees. Thus, research of salaries, compensations and benefits is an essential instrument for Human Resources management which helps to develop an adequate and attractive compensation and benefits system.

Our salary surveys let you:

  • Be aware of the latest labour market tendencies and if the company fits into average Russian salary trends;
  • Develop an efficient system of salaries and benefits based on the reliable data;
  • Get insight into the potential availability of workforce in the regions of Russia when planning regional development

We organize regular industry-wide research of salaries, compensations and benefits across various Russian regions and cities, or focus on particular market or group of companies. The survey may be focused on salary only or may include comprehensive study of compensation and benefits system in Russian or international companies.

The experience and expertise of our staff across all professional disciplines and Russian industry sectors allows us to remain informed of recent salary rates and market trends in Russia.

The main stages of the survey are:

  1. Identifying the focus of salaries research (job titles, region, industry, targeted companies) and list of participants.
  2. Carrying out research.
  3. Data analysis.
  4. Reporting: average, median and average weighted values of basic salary, detailed information about compensation package.

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