Creation of HR system

Advanced HR system creates additional market value of the company. This happens because of qualified personnel shortage, the need for new competitive advantages and ways to optimize activity. Our goal is to create comprehensive and efficient HR system according to your business strategy.

When do you need to turn to ARTISAN consultants&

  1. You are HR director and would like to improve the whole HR system or optimize and fine-tune several HR practices.
  2. You are Head of company and would like to get maximum use out of your employees and their performance.

In the first case we offer to audit the existing HR system. We use a unique method based on the latest international trends in the field of human capital management.

How we do it:

  1. HR system audit:
  • We review the existing HR practices (recruitment, selection, adaptation, assessment, education and development, compensation and benefits) and identify problem zones.
  • We review corporate culture.
  • We analyze efficiency of the existing HR practices.
  1. Changes implementation:
  • We develop the concept of refreshing the existing HR systems on the basis of the company’s business strategy and discuss it with the Client.
  • We introduce and implement the changes.
  • We develop and conduct training activities necessary to put the system into place.
  • We prepare legal documents that regulate HR system.
  1. We closely monitor the process, as the new system is being put into place and adapt it accordingly, so that it is implemented effectively (within 1 year after completion of the project).

In the second case, we develop a set of HR solutions specifically designed to satisfy our Client’s individual needs – from programs aimed at increasing employees’ efficiency to creating HR system from scratch.

How we do it:

  1. We design HR strategy according to the company’s business strategy:
  • We analyze and shape the strategy for managing people;
  • We review the existing principles of personnel recruitment, education, motivation assessing performance, dismissal;
  • We identify requirements for personnel and develop HR competency model.
  1. We implement the system:
  • Design and regulate all HR procedures;
  • Shape the strategy for the development of HR functions, including optimal design of the HR department, we recruit properly qualified HR staff if necessary.
  • We help your employees get ready for the changes and involve the management in the change implementation process.
  1. We monitor and support the project within 1 year after completion. We develop and audit benchmarks to monitor HR system efficiency.