Corporate trainings in

Sales and client relationship management

  • Commercial negotiations;
  • Successful sales skills for key account managers;
  • Successful sales skills for retail salesmen;
  • Management of Client’s objections;
  • Management of Client’s complaints;
  • NLP skills: ethical use and manipulation protection;
  • Stress management for sales people.

Company and HR management, Leadership

  • Management skills;
  • Project management;
  • Situational leadership;
  • Effective management skills;
  • Talent attracting and retaining;
  • Personnel management in adverse conditions (crisis, salary cut, job redundancy, significant corporate changes).

Team building

  • Creation of teams and team work management;
  • Team building: improvement of team spirit and unity;
  • Team building: rope courses.

HR management for in-house HR departments

  • Development of efficient HR management system within organization;
  • Development of efficient attraction, selection and hiring system within organization;
  • Successful induction courses
  • Development of effective corporate training system;
  • Development of effective system of personnel assessment;
  • Development of motivation system (new trends in monetary and non-monetary personnel motivation);
  • Technology of assessment and development centers;
  • Corporate culture management.

Professional trainings for Recruitment Agencies’ team members

  • Business development and Client relationship management;
  • Modern recruitment technologies;
  • Executive search;
  • Team/company management.